• Edge 1030

    Ride farther and push harder while staying connected with Garmin's Edge 1030 GPS cycling computer. It boasts Trendline popularity routing, utilizing billions of miles of rider data to suggest optimal on-road and off-road routes. Whether you're a racer, commuter, or explorer, we've got the perfect GPS for you. Save money and get a top-quality used GPS device that performs flawlessly. 

    • DIMENSIONS: 2.3" x 4.5" x 0.8" (58 x 114 x 19mm)
    • TOUCH SCREEN: yes
    • COLOR SCREEN: yes
    • DISPLAY SIZE Diagonal: 3.5" (88.9mm)
    • DISPLAY RESOLUTION: 282 x 470 pixels
    • WEIGHT: 4.3oz (123g)
    • BATTERY TYPE: rechargeable lithium ion
    • Battery life: up to 20 hours

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  • Edge 1000

    Whether you're cycling to beat your personal records or to compete against top champions, the GARMIN Edge 1000 computer enables you to stay connected with friends, challenge them, and compare your performances. View real-time results on your Edge, along with alerts for segment start and end points, and associated leaderboards. Explore the latest offers for this model at competitive prices. On our website, you can acquire an original Garmin GPS device in excellent condition (used) that functions perfectly and saves you money.

    • Road or mountain bike navigation and points of interest with preloaded Garmin Cycle Map
    • Enter a distance and choose from 3 round-trip routes
    • Quick uploads to Garmin Connect™ Mobile for analysis and sharing
    • Connected features: call, email and text notifications, real-time tracking, send/receive routes, social media sharing and weather alerts.

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  • Edge 820

    Whether you aim to surpass your previous day's performance with a faster or longer run or fine-tune your training regimen for an upcoming race, the Garmin Edge 820 provides the desired features right at your fingertips. This compact, touchscreen GPS bike computer offers advanced performance monitoring and bike-specific step-by-step navigation. It's an excellent bike computer available here for half the price.

    • PHYSICAL DIMENSIONS: 49.0 x 73.0 x 21.0mm
    • DISPLAY SIZE: 58.4mm
    • DISPLAY RESOLUTION: 200 x 265 pixels
    • WEIGHT: 67.7g
    • BATTERY TYPE: rechargeable lithium ion
    • BATTERY LIFE: up to 15 hours

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  • Edge 810

    The Edge 810, designed for cyclists, integrates advanced training and navigation features into a single device. With its color touchscreen, it provides connected functions via your smartphone, such as real-time tracking, sharing data on social networks, and accessing weather updates. The Edge 810 supports detailed street maps or topographic maps for navigation. Ranked among the top 5 bike GPS devices, the Garmin Edge 810 is a sought-after choice for cycling enthusiasts. If you desire one at a lower price point, consider purchasing a used Edge 810 GPS: it's economical, original, and functions perfectly.

    • On-road (City Navigator® map) and off-road (TOPO France v3 Pro map) navigation
    • LiveTrack function for real-time monitoring of your activity
    • Data Transfer to Smartphone via Bluetooth® and Garmin Connect™ Mobile App
    • Instantly receive and send courses and workouts to Garmin Connect via Bluetooth
    • Customizing activity profiles
    • Weather forecast.

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  • Edge 800

    Embark on your adventure journey with the Edge 800, GARMIN's touchscreen GPS cycling computer. Ideal for sightseeing tours, commuting, competitive cycling, and mountain biking, the Edge 800 boasts navigation and performance tracking features. It comes with a built-in basemap and can track distance, speed, position, and ascent/descent. Compatible with ANT+ heart rate monitors, speed/cadence sensors, or power meters, it allows for accurate ride analysis. You can get this model at half price; find here the used Edge 800 GPS with the latest map installed and accessories included.

    • On-road (City Navigator® map) and off-road (TOPO France v3 Pro map) navigation
    • From 1 to 8 configurable data fields on 3 activity pages
    • Barometric altimeter: real-time elevation data
    • Virtual Partner™ function
    • Cardio-compatible.

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  • Edge 605

    Enhance your cycling experience with the Edge 605. This GPS bike computer is equipped with all the features necessary to optimize your rides. Compact and user-friendly, it provides comprehensive training data and detailed map information. You can also store, analyze, and share your statistics through Garmin's online training platform. With its color screen and advanced training functions, you can find this pre-owned model here in excellent working condition and at half the price.

    • PHYSICAL DIMENSIONS: 5.1 x 10.9 x 2.5 cm
    • DISPLAY FORMAT (WIDTH BY HEIGHT): 2.2 inches diagonally or 5.6 cm
    • SCREEN DEFINITION (WIDTH BY HEIGHT) 176 x 220 pixels
    • WEIGHT: 104.9g
    • BATTERY: rechargeable li-polymer battery
    • BATTERY LIFE: 15 hours

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  • Edge Touring

    The Edge Touring functions similarly to the GPS navigation systems used in cars, offering maps and features tailored to help cyclists navigate their routes. It is an excellent bike GPS, and you can find the used Garmin Edge Touring at half price here.

    • On-road or off-road navigation with preloaded European road maps
    • Enter a distance and choose from 3 proposed routes
    • Plan and download new routes to your GPS
    • Relive and share your rides on Garmin Connect™ or Garmin Adventures (free)
    • Easy to use user interface and perfectly adapted to navigation on the bike.

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  • Edge Explore

    With the Edge Explore, you won't miss a beat. Ready to use out of the box, this bike computer is easy to set up and operate. Offering instant orientation, you'll never miss out on breathtaking views. Featuring a 3-inch display, the Edge Explore is bright and readable in all conditions, whether under direct sunlight, overcast skies, or even in the rain. The touchscreen is fast and responsive. Despite all these features, budget is still a consideration. On our website, you can purchase a used Edge Explore GPS and save money.

    • Easy to use, this GPS bike computer offers a high-resolution 3-inch touchscreen that you can use without removing your gloves, rainproof and visible in direct sunlight
    • It includes the preloaded Garmin Cycle Map Europe, coupled with innovative navigation tools and the popular Trendline™ route generator, which allows you to find the most popular on and off-road routes for cyclists.
    • Built-in GPS records your instantaneous speed, distance traveled, altitude and position
    • Compatible with our Varia™ range of safety devices for cyclists, such as smart bike lights and rearview radar to detect approaching vehicles and alert drivers to your presence
    • When paired with your compatible smartphone, you get connected features like LiveTrack and GroupTrack, Smart Notifications, rider-to-rider messaging, and the built-in incident detection system
    • Battery life: up to 12 hours.

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  • Cycling accessories

    Accessories for Garmin Edge bike/MTB GPS: out-front bike mounts, stem mounts, data cable, screen protector, carrying pouch, and silicone protective cover.

    Equip yourself with the best gear and embark on your cycling adventure.

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For cycling enthusiasts and adventurers seeking challenges, here are Garmin GPS/bike computer devices that are essential for facilitating and guiding cyclists, no matter the route you take. These devices guide you to your final destination and provide all necessary measurements. Prepare professionally for your next adventure with pre-owned Garmin Edge GPS devices, in excellent condition and at half the price.

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