• GPS Zumo

    Enjoy your trip : the zūmo shows you the right way! Compact and waterproof, the zūmo is immediately ready to guide you on the roads of Europe. The zūmo features a bright, glove-friendly color touchscreen display that packs all the information you need into a readable format. It offers great reading comfort in the most extreme light conditions, day and night. With its waterproof, rugged housing that's resistant to gas spills and UV rays, the zūmo is built to last. Discover the latest offers of Zumo model Motorbike GPS from Garmin, used GPS in very good condition and works perfectly at reasonable prices.

    • SCREEN DEFINITION (WIDTH BY HEIGHT): 320 x 240 pixels
    • DISPLAY TYPE: Anti-glare QVGA TFT color display with white backlight
    • WEIGHT: 215g
    • BATTERY: lithium-ion, rechargeable and user replaceable
    • BATTERY LIFE: up to 8 hours

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Prepare your motorcycle with GPS, to reach your destination easily and find your way wherever you are. Find good opportunities at gpsuite, Garmin GPS for Motorcycle at half price, in very good condition. 

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