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  • Etrex

    Etrex Built for Adventure combines intuitive, easy-to-use features and a rugged exterior in a lightweight package. With eTrex, your adventure can last and last; simply enter the point you want to go to, and eTrex directs you to your destination.

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  • Oregon

    The Oregon handheld device provides advanced navigation and tracking features to navigate both on and off established routes, utilizing GPS and GLONASS sensor technologies alongside ABC (altimeter, barometer, and compass) functionalities. Its 3-axis electronic compass maintains your heading even when stationary.

    Explore the various models within the Oregon family (Oregon 200-750t) and seize the opportunity to benefit from our top deals. Get used GPS devices at half the price.

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  • Colorado

    Equip yourself and embark on backcountry exploration with the rugged Colorado GPS. Loaded with features, it comes with a built-in basemap, high-sensitivity receiver, electronic compass, SD™ card slot, color screen, image viewer, and more. You can even wirelessly exchange tracks, waypoints, routes, and geocaches between compatible units. When the terrain gets challenging, Colorado leads the way.

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  • Dakota

    Outdoor navigation meets touchscreen simplicity in the Dakota. This rugged palm-sized navigator combines touchscreen navigation, barometric altimeter, 3-axis electronic compass.

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  • GEKO

    Geko The smallest and cheapest GPS device in the Garmin range, Geko tracks your route and displays it as a small dotted trace on the screen. Simply activate Geko's TracBack feature and you can retrace your route from the beginning.


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  • Montana & Monterra

    Designed for use on the trails, on the road or on the water, the Garmin Montana & Monterra will guide you wherever you go. It's equipped with a generous touchscreen offering crystal-clear colors, a dual-orientation display to locate you faster and more accurately, even in the harshest environments.

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  • Accessoires

    Miscellaneous accessories: brackets, covers, battery, cables, chargers and other accessories. Everything you need for your GPS.

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GPS Outdoor

Embark on an adventure and explore new horizons with durable devices that accompany you wherever you go, accurately recording your position at every moment. We present to you pre-owned Garmin GPS devices, the global leader in GPS navigation equipment. Whether it's navigation devices for hiking, trekking, desert expeditions, mountain treks, or aerial adventures, Garmin offers a wide range of rugged and powerful devices tailored to your needs.

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