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Want to stay on track during the holidays without spending too much money? Anyone who wants to install GPS maps of Morocco must have noticed the high price of these maps in stores. Contributed by thousands of contributors through a free presence, the maps produced as part of the OpenStreetMaps project are completely free and regularly updated by millions of contributors across Morocco.

Map Types
Depending on the desired use, download a road or topographic map :

A road map of the whole of Morocco for lovers of city walks, two wheels and even vehicles. Download here.

A topographic map of Morocco for off-road adventures, in the countryside, forests and the most remote corners. Download here.


How to Install a Map on Your Garmin GPS ?
To install the OSM or Topographic map on your GPS, follow these steps :

  1. Download the map, it is in the form of a gmapsupp.img file.
  2. Connect your GPS with a computer via a USB cable.
  3. Copy the gmapsupp.img file into the "garmin" folder located at the root of the device's memory. If the memory of the device is not enough, create at the root of an sd memory a folder named "garmin" which will contain the gmapsupp.img file.

PS : the Garmin folder exists by default in the root of the internal memory, otherwise create it in a memory card formatted in Fat32.

Buy a Morocco road map here.

Buy a topographic Morocco map here.

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