Edge 820

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Edge 820

Whether you aim to surpass your previous day's performance with a faster or longer run or fine-tune your training regimen for an upcoming race, the Garmin Edge 820 provides the desired features right at your fingertips. This compact, touchscreen GPS bike computer offers advanced performance monitoring and bike-specific step-by-step navigation. It's an excellent bike computer available here for half the price.

  • PHYSICAL DIMENSIONS: 49.0 x 73.0 x 21.0mm
  • DISPLAY SIZE: 58.4mm
  • DISPLAY RESOLUTION: 200 x 265 pixels
  • WEIGHT: 67.7g
  • BATTERY TYPE: rechargeable lithium ion
  • BATTERY LIFE: up to 15 hours

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Garmin GPS Edge 820 Bike Computer | refurbished and new devices