Garmin world leader in marine and outdoor GPS

Garmin is a global company in the production of navigation devices, specialist for various outdoor activities, marine, sports, road, track, off-road etc.).

A good and coherent hierarchical organization, with significant investments to develop the devices of the navigation system, from the first high-quality manufacturing materials to the teams of specialists in the technical field. Their dedication is reflected in the final product, each device has a distinctive design that perfectly suits its area of ​​use, Garmin GPS has an excellent navigation system With high accuracy in determining location and direction on the most difficult tracks. All this makes Garmin one of the best manufacturers of GPS devices.

Second-hand Garmin product

Garmin offers several models of GPS for different outdoor activities, whether land, sea or air, Garmin will direct you to where you are going, for a safe and fun trip.


The Garmin GPS guarantees quality equipment both in hard (solid, modern and practical) and in soft (a powerful and precise navigation system), also the most important Garmin has a good value for money, is what we can have the same garmin gps with even better value for money? The answer is yes !


Buying second-hand, second-hand product, reusing an object and reuse…etc. These are all positive and eco-friendly terms, it is the trend of the moment, to get a high quality item at a reasonable price at the same time.


The advantages of second-hand, it's cheaper than new, it's better for the environment, so it sustains a whole sector of the social economy.

All this applies to the Garmin GPS segment, bought used garmin and enjoys the many advantages.

To clarify this topic in a practical way, We quote examples of different Garmin GPS for each outdoor activity by comparing the new and used price.


Garmin has a wide range of robust and powerful outdoor GPS devices adapted to your needs, whether for leisure activities with family or friends (hiking, trekking, expeditions in the desert, in the mountains or in the air) , or professional activities.


The different models presented are more or less versatile on the design side, and have advanced features such as a compass or a barometric altimeter, an integrated camera, a touch screen, etc., it depends on the model. The Garmin Outdoor GPS range meets many user needs, go on an adventure and explore new horizons, Garmin GPS follows you wherever you go.

linking all this with our topic of used (second hand) GPS products, you will find the different models of the garmin range at half price and in good condition (very good condition) and works perfectly, for example, for a new GPS eTrex series laptop the prices are between 199€ to 461.10€ it depends on the model and features on the other hand the eTrex products used the prices and between 55€ to 180€ maximum there is a difference of more than 45%, Ditto for other GPS series like DakotaOregonGeko and Montana…etc.

Etrex 10

GPS Garmin Etrex 10

Etrex 20

GPS Garmin Etrex 20

Etrex 30

GPS Garmin Etrex 30

Etrex 12

GPS Garmin Etrex 12 channel

Vista HCX

GPS Garmin Etrex Vista HCX

Venture HC

GPS Garmin Etrex Venture HC

Legend CX

GPS Garmin Etrex Legend CX


GPS Garmin Etrex Legend

Touch 25

GPS Garmin Etrex Touch 25

Touch 35

GPS Garmin Etrex Touch 35

Oregon 600

GPS Garmin Oregon 600

Oregon 450

GPS Garmin Oregon 450t

Oregon 550

GPS Garmin Oregon 550t

Dakota 10

GPS Garmin Dakota 10

Dakota 20

GPS Garmin Dakota 20


GPS Garmin Colorado 400


GPS Garmin Geko 201

Montana 600

GPS Garmin Montana 600

Garmin Marine GPS

For lovers of maritime activities, Garmin has a wide range of portable or fixed marine GPS for boats, whether for leisure or professional activities. Get ready for your adventure at sea.


We offer a wide range of used Garmin GPS devices in very good condition for all water activities. GPS, Plotters, Sounders and Combos…etc, you find the best choice at the best prices. We present the variation of the devices of the marine GPS series and the GPSMAP series (GPSMAP 60, ..., GPSMAP 76 and GPSMAP 78 ... etc) with very reasonable prices compared to the new product, for example the prices of marine GPS is between 60 € to 190 € and for plotter-sounder between 240 € to 500 € by comparing with the prices of new products, it is 40% cheaper.

GPS 12

Garmin GPS 12 

GPS 60

Garmin GPS 60 

GPS 72

Garmin GPS 72 

GPS 76

Garmin GPS 76

GPSMAP 60csx

Garmin GPSMAP 60csx


Garmin GPSMAP 62


Garmin GPSMAP 64s


Garmin GPSMAP 76s


Garmin GPSMAP 78


Garmin GPSMAP 96c


Garmin GPSMAP 525


Garmin GPSMAP 550

Garmin Sports GPS

We present the GPS available for sports activities like cycling and running, Garmin brand offers Edge series GPS For cycling and mountain biking and other cycling activities, the devices are specialized with design and features. features that make GPS practical and essential for the cyclist, OSM and Topo maps are installed.


You will find the different models at the best price, by comparing the prices of new and used products, for the price of new Edge GPS is between 246 € to 426 € (Edge Touring, Edge 800, Edge 1000, etc.) and for the Used GPS the prices vary between 80 € to 200 € maximum, there is a difference of 50%.

Edge 800

Garmin Edge 800 

Edge Touring

Garmin Edge Touring 

Edge 820

Garmin Edge 820 

Edge Explore

Garmin Edge Explore 

Garmin Road GPS

Garmin road GPS whether on a motorcycle or in a car, there are several models available with several features (color touch screen, display quality, voice assistant, etc.).


We offer you Garmin's Zumo range of road GPS at half price, second-hand devices in very good condition and which work perfectly, to guide you during your road trips. These GPS incorporate a road map with the possibility of installing the map that suits you and they will guide you safely to your destination.


second-hand prices vary between €100 to €180 with a difference of 45% compared to new GPS, same quality at the best price.

Zumo 550

Garmin Zumo 550

Zumo 400

Garmin Zumo 400

Zumo 390LM

Garmin Zumo 390LM