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  • Garmin GPS

    Garmin world leader in marine and outdoor GPS

    Garmin is a global company in the production of navigation devices, specialist for various outdoor activities, marine, sports, road, track, off-road etc.).

    A good and coherent hierarchical organization, with significant investments to develop the devices of the navigation system, from the first high-quality manufacturing materials to the teams of specialists in the technical field. Their dedication is reflected in the final product, each device has a distinctive design that perfectly suits its area of ​​use, Garmin GPS has an excellent navigation system With high accuracy in determining location and direction on the most difficult tracks. All this makes Garmin one of the best manufacturers of GPS devices.

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  • What is GPS?

    The GPS or Global Positioning System is a sophisticated satellite geolocation system that was invented in the United States for military purposes in the 1970s, but today it is used all over the world.

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  • How to choose the right GPS ?

    The use of GPS in our life becomes inevitable, wherever we go, we want to be aware of the right route to follow an idea about the traffic and the time it takes to arrive, whether it is for an adventure in the mountains (hiking) or for a bike or sea adventure (fishing, travel, ...), or for a car/motorbike ride, there are different GPS models for each activity, how to choose the right GPS for your activity ?

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  • Difference between Edge 1000 and Edge Explore 1000

    Comparison between Edge 1000 and Edge 1000 explore :

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  • How to use a Garmin GPS for hiking ?

    Using a hiking GPS requires the following steps:

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  • Difference between Edge 800 and Edge 810

    Comparison between Edge 800 and Edge 810 :

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