• cycling

    For cycling enthusiasts and adventurers seeking challenges, here are Garmin GPS/bike computer devices that are essential for facilitating and guiding cyclists, no matter the route you take. These devices guide you to your final destination and provide all necessary measurements. Prepare professionally for your next adventure with pre-owned Garmin Edge GPS devices, in excellent condition and at half the price.

  • GPS Outdoor

    Embark on an adventure and explore new horizons with durable devices that accompany you wherever you go, accurately recording your position at every moment. We present to you pre-owned Garmin GPS devices, the global leader in GPS navigation equipment. Whether it's navigation devices for hiking, trekking, desert expeditions, mountain treks, or aerial adventures, Garmin offers a wide range of rugged and powerful devices tailored to your needs.

  • Navy and Aviation

    Marine GPS has become an indispensable tool for sea adventurers and fishermen, whether for navigation at sea or on land. Brands now offer a wide range of fixed, portable, and other marine GPS devices equipped with mapping and even active antennas. We present to you a selection of pre-owned Garmin marine GPS devices at the best prices. Garmin is the global leader in equipment for pleasure boats and professional fishing, with series such as the marine GPS 72, 76, and other models, offering all the features you need on your motorboat or sailboat.

  • Others

    For your adventures on land or at sea, you'll require professional equipment. In this category, you'll find everything you need, including used GPS devices for motorcycles, high-quality cameras, plotters, and the option to purchase a set of the same model at the best price. Explore the latest offers in the "Lot" section.

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