The GPS or Global Positioning System is a sophisticated satellite geolocation system that was invented in the United States for military purposes in the 1970s, but today it is used all over the world.



Functioning : 

The principle of operation of the Global Positioning System (GPS) is based on measuring the distance from the receiver to several satellites. Each satellite emits a signal which is picked up by the receiver on Earth (three signals to obtain the point of intersection of the three spheres and a fourth for the synchronization of time), which makes it possible to measure its geographical position very precisely.

The Garmin brand:

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Garmin is an American company specializing in GPS navigation systems. In 1989, in Kansas, Gary Burrel and Min H. Kao, two American engineers who worked on the design of GPS for aviation and the army, in 1991 the company took the name Garmin, a name created from of the first letters of the first names of the two founders.

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