• Virb

    The VIRB is a future-proof True HD (1080p) dash cam that incorporates advanced, user-friendly HD video recording features. The 1.4-inch Chroma color display stays on when the camera is activated, but consumes very little power. The screen lets you set up shots, play back video, and adjust menu settings with ease without having to detach the camera from its mount. Find good opportunities at gpsuite, Virb Camera from Garmin brand at half price, new or in very good condition.

    • 1080p HD video recording with 16MP CMOS image processor and image stabilizer
    • Chroma screen: color, high resolution, easy to control configuration, reading and settings
    • Long-lasting rechargeable and removable Lithium-ion battery (3 hours of recording in HD - 1080p)
    • Robust, ergonomic and waterproof (IPx7) with an aerodynamic design.
    • See other GPS Camera models.

    See other GPS Camera models.

  • Dashcam

    GPS-enabled HD "dashcam" driving camera with helpful driver warnings, the camera records your driving and its GPS provides detailed location and time data to pinpoint exactly where and when events occur. occurred. You can rely on your Dash Cam to capture ultra-detailed video in bright or low light conditions. Install the camera on your windshield and record your road trip in 1080p or 720p mode. Find the good opportunities at gpsuite, Dashcam car cameras new or in very good condition at the best price.

    • Camera to record your driving in high definition3 equipped with GPS and 3-inch LCD screen
    • Helpful alerts to enhance driver alertness, including impending collision warnings and danger zone warnings
    • GPS-enhanced video footage that records position, direction, speed, date and time to pinpoint exactly where and when events took place
    • Incident detection sensor (G-Sensor) that automatically records collisions and accidents
    • Built-in microphone that records sounds inside your vehicle.
    • Dimensions (W x H x D): 9.43 cm x 4.85 cm x 3.89 cm
    • Weight: 112.7g
    • GPS: yes
    • Display: 3.0 inch TFT LCD
    • Frame rate: 30 fps
    • Incident detection (G-Sensor): yes

    See other GPS Camera models.

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